Algebra EOC

Algebra EOC

At the end of last school year, all state testing was suspended. As a result, students who took Algebra 1 were never provided the opportunity to earn this graduation requirement. Even though students can meet this graduation requirement by passing the Geometry EOC this year, we want to ensure students have every opportunity available to meet the requirement for graduation. As such, Maitland Middle School will offer the Algebra 1 EOC to students who were enrolled in Algebra 1 last year and did not have the opportunity to take the test. The test is a PASS/FAIL and will not affect your child’s grade from last year or this year.

The EOC is administered over a two-day period.
LaunchEd students will have the opportunity to take the Algebra 1 EOC on September 21st & 22nd.
Face to face students will test on September 24th & 25th.

Unfortunately, Ms. Klammer will be unable to review Algebra standards before the EOC due to pacing requirements for Geometry. Students are encouraged to use Algebra Nation, and other online tools, for review purposes. In order to plan efficiently for this assessment, and ensure that all safety procedures are in place, we will need to know if you would like your child to take the Algebra 1 EOC? LaunchED students will be required to come on campus for testing. We do encourage parents to provide transportation for students to and from school for testing.

Parents, please respond to the form below by September 11, 2020:
Algebra 1 EOC Survey