Maitland Middle School Athletics

It is our goal at Maitland Middle to help students cultivate a healthy lifestyle by promoting activities that are not only enjoyable but also contribute to healthy living. This year students will begin to develop and master the motor skills necessary to enable them to participate successfully in a variety of physical activities.

They will study the actions performed in a variety of sports, games and movement activities that are currently practiced in the context of our culture (flag football, basketball, volleyball, soccer), as well as other cultures around the world (rugby, net ball, yoga, cricket). Students will also increase their knowledge of nutrition and the heart/cardiovascular system, and the benefits of regular physical activity.

We emphasize knowledge and attitudes as much as motor skills, and expect each student to work hard and do their best in Wellness everyday, as we work towards the goal of improving their overall health and wellbeing.

Coach Neff Coach Stevens Coach D
Coach Neff
Athletic Director
8th Grade PE
Coach Stevens
7th Grade PE
Coach D
6th Grade PE