According to Florida State Statute 1001.452, SAC members shall:
1. Perform functions prescribed by regulations of the district school board, but not have any powers and duties reserved by law to the school board
2. Assist in the preparation, implementation, and evaluation of the school improvement plan 3. Assist principal in preparation of school’s annual budget and plan
4. Identify the appropriate use of school improvement dollars for implementing the approved school improvement plan, if funds are available from the Florida Department of Education

Our SAC Board is: Kendra Simasek ( SAC Chair), Tamika Bellmany ( SAC Vice Chair), Kelly Delaney (recording secretary), Diane Griffin, Donna Batten, Julie Capps, Amber Woodard, Amy Orseno, Hope McDavid, Stacey Wilde, Carla Thomas, Antoniella Paradiso, Kendra Adamo, Matthew Carlo, Erin Jozik, Lindy Snyder, Heather Price, Julie Wood, Jennifer Boone, Eric Foglesong, Meg Frey, Laura Fuller, Sara Cambron, and Shoshana Buchanan. 

The Maitland SAC schedule is as follows:

September 1, 2020 Minutes

October 6, 2020  Minutes

November 3, 2020  Minutes

February 2, 2021  Minutes

March 2, 2021  Minutes

April 6, 2021  Minutes

May 4, 2021  Minutes