Staffing Specialist

Tricia John
407 623-1462 x5172630
[email protected]

The school-based staffing specialist is responsible for coordinating the staffing and educational planning process at the local school. Some of the things a staffing specialist can help with are:

  • Serve as the designee of the Local Educational Agency (LEA) in ESE meetings.
  • Convene and coordinate all Individual Education Plans (IEP) and Educational Plan (EP) meetings.
  • Coordinate the collection of all necessary documentation prior to a student being staffed and/or identified for an exceptional education program and/or service.
  • Provide training to school staff relative to ESE referral procedures, least restrictive environment and other issues involving exceptional education students.
  • Assist in the development of all documents required for identified students.
  • Maintain accurate ESE paperwork to reflect service delivery models for all students.
  • Serve as the contact for any issues regarding students with disabilities.