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Welcome to the Maitland Middle School Parent Teacher Association!

Maitland Middle School PTA - Together We Soar 

The Maitland Middle School community includes an amazing group of students, parents and teachers. As a PTA, we’re proud to support the academic development, athletic achievements, musical and creative talent, and community service our students. In addition, we’re here to provide resources and encouragement for our dedicated faculty, staff and administration.

We are a PTA School of Excellence!

National PTA School of Excellence 

Maitland Middle PTA is consistently recognized as a National PTA School of Excellence. This program supports and celebrates partnerships between PTAs and schools that work to improve the educational experience and school environment for every child. This initiative helps schools engage families in decision-making, encouraging inclusive policies related to education, health, safety and the arts. As part of a National PTA School of Excellence, families feel welcomed and empowered to support student success, with PTA as a key partner for continuous school improvement.


As a PTA, our purpose is to promote the well-being of students in the home, school and community while supporting Maitland Middle School. Have an idea for ways we can enhance educational opportunities for teachers, partners and children? We’re all ears! Please consider volunteering with PTA and let us know how you’d like to help!

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2020 | 2021 PTA Executive Board & Committees

President: Stacy Wilde, [email protected]

Vice President: Hope McDavid, [email protected]  

Recording Secretary: Kendra Adamo, [email protected]

Corresponding Secretary: Erin Heston, [email protected]

Treasurer:  April Solley, [email protected]

Parliamentarian: Amy Yohe, [email protected]  

SAC Liaison: Kendra Adamo, [email protected]

Past President: Shoshana Buchanan, [email protected]

Membership: Summer Barnard, [email protected] & Antoniella Paradiso, [email protected]

Colorful Campus: Erin Heston, [email protected] & Katie Willoughby, [email protected]

Helping Hawks/ Community Outreach: Hope McDavid, [email protected]

School Dance: Joy Edwards, [email protected]

Staff Appreciation: Heather Price, [email protected]

Heroic Hawks Student Celebrations: Rikki Logan, [email protected] & Jenny Lepak, [email protected]

Walk N’ Roll: Amy Yohe, [email protected]

8th Grade Party: Lindy Snyder, [email protected], Jacki Sobo, [email protected], Heather Delz, [email protected]


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